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Ai You Young Heart-Surgical Treatment Program for Orphaned and Poor Children with Congenital Heart Disease

“Ai You Young Heart Project” was launched in 2006. It is the first program of Ai You. After years of effort, a procedure for aid and program management has been developed for the internet-based program.

In the program, the Foundation cooperates with designated hospitals which are excellent medical institutions in different cities to provide treatment for children with congenital heart defects. We built a network of hospitals, donors, government authorities and other social organizations to leverage their resources so that we can build a platform to offer efficient help to young patients that are orphans or from poor families. This project enables more children to enjoy quality medical examination and surgery. By the end of 2017, the project has helped over 47,000 children, making it the largest aid program of its kind in the world.

“Ai You Young Heart Program” has been upgraded to include training programs for medical employees, database of congenital heart defects and research support. The project focuses on training pediatricians. We cooperate with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center to pair experienced doctors with trainees to help hospitals that are providing or plan to provide corrective surgery for congenital heart defects. Meanwhile, the project sees establishment of China’s first surgery database for congenital heart defects. By now, the database has more than 20,000 sets of data. In addition, “Ai You Young Heart” also supports more than 10 research projects. In April 2017, we worked with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center to deliver surgeries for two children with sophisticated heart defects from Qinghai Province using 3D printing technology.