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Ai You Reborn—Medical Nursing Program for Orphaned Child Patients

According to the 2014 China Children Welfare Policy Report, among China’s underprivileged children, there were 574000 orphans and more than 80% of them suffer from serious congenital diseases. They urgently need professional treatment, professional nursing care and rehabilitation training.

In recent years, the government increased spending on children and social welfare organizations. Under the framework of the Blue Sky Project of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, welfare organizations in China were developed. Besides, the standard of financial support by local government’s civil affair authorities for orphans has been raised. Meanwhile, the Tomorrow Plan aiming at helping sick orphans also improved their livelihood. However, because some places cannot provide quality medical services and warehouses have insufficient funds and human resources, orphans with serious diseases in some areas still cannot access quality medical aid and others who have received surgeries do not enjoy good pre and post-surgery care. Premature and weak orphaned newborns lack professional care. Congenitally handicapped children suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy which cannot be cured through surgery need better rehabilitation programs.

In September 2011, Ai You set up Ai You Reborn Project—Medical Nursing Project for Orphaned Child Patients. By setting up independent and embedded nursing centers, we aims to provide special tending, surgery and rehabilitation services for sick orphans to save their lives and help them embrace a bright future. In the past six years, we have set up care centers in 15 provinces cities and municipalities in China. These centers effectively solve the “last mile problem” for welfare services at community level and raise the quality of services for sick orphans.

In May 2017, based on the experience in raising the chance of survival for sick orphans from Ai You Reborn Project, we launched a project that combines medical, health and educational services and family-like care to improve their wellbeing and increase adoption rate so that they can have families again and become contributive members of society.

In June 2017, Ai You Foundation first utilized the advantages of channels in child welfare centers and combining the professional experience of all parties in the field of children's services, offer temporary care, protection & support and other services for children facing special difficulties (children of imprisoned people, de facto orphans and other children whose guardians cannot fulfill their responsibility). We help them overcome difficulties in survival, education and development. Currently, Ai You Reborn is conducting a pilot project with Ningxia Children’s Welfare Guiding Center in Children’s Welfare Houses in Shizuishan and Zhongwei to explore how welfare institutions should help children facing difficulties.

By the end of 2017, 9151 sick orphans are helped by Ai You Reborn, among which 8360 have finished their care cycle and started their new life and 792 are being taken care of.