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Ai You Foundation (a 5A-level foundation), with its inception in 2004, is the first private foundation registered in China. Initiated, managed and operated by entrepreneurs, it delivers programs nationwide. After over a decade of exploration and development, it is now engaged in three charity areas, including child health care, child welfare and venture philanthropy.

In the area of child health care, Ai You focuses on offering medical assistance to orphaned and poor children, covering “Ai You Young Heart Project”- Surgical Treatment Project for Orphaned and Poor Children with Congenital Heart Diseases,“Ai You Angel Project”- Medical Treatment Project for Orphaned and Poor Children with Leukemia, “Ai You Morning Star Project”- Medical Treatment Project for Orphaned and Poor Children with Various Diseases and “Ai You HeKang Rehab Center”- Rehabilitation Project for Disabled Children.Ai You’s efforts in child welfareinclude “Ai You Reborn Project”- Medical Nursing Project for Orphaned Child Patients and “Ai You Comfort Life Project”- Rescue and Protection Project for Children Living in Difficulty. In the “Ai You Comfort Life Project”, Ai Youtakes the lead in constructing a platform composed of government departments, social organizations and donors for welfare services for children and protection of their rights and interests.Having pilots in 13 counties of 6 provinces including Yunnan, Guizhou and Qinghai, the project covers 200 villages and more than 50,000 children living in difficulty.

Currently, Ai You has two largest children health care projects of their kind in the world. These projects support medical institutions to conduct 19 clinical research projects. Some research results have been applied and helped many people. Besides, Ai You also established a training and assessment system of medical workers specializing in cardiovascular diseases to help hospitals improve their ability to treat patients with these diseases. In 2016, Ai You set up China’s first surgery database for congenital heart defects. By now, the database has over 20000 sets of data.

Ai You’s child welfare service matrix includes“Ai You Reborn” for sick orphans and “Ai You Comfort Life” for children facing major difficulties in their lives. By the end of November 2017, “Ai You Reborn” has helped 8252 sick children. “Ai You Comfort Life” set up a welfare service and rights protection platform concerting efforts of government authorities, social organizations and donors. We have launched pilot projects in 200 villages in six provinces including Yunnan, Guizhou and Qinghai, covering over 50,000 children.

Based on rich experience in charity programs, Ai You introduces internationally advanced concepts and models and employs mobile Internet techniques to its pioneering and innovative venture philanthropy projects including “Ai You Philanthropy+”– Multi-dimensional Venture Philanthropy Project and “Ai You Enabling Project”- Capacity Building Project for Talent in Charity Cause. Ai You Philanthropy+ provides comprehensive and tailored support for organizations receiving assistance. We focus on helping them deal with their weak link and realize rapid growth. In this way, we help deliver progress in areas these organizations engage in. Besides, we set up China’s first venture philanthropy foundation—Ai You Philanthropy VC Project. By the end of November 2017, the project has provided funds for 110 organizations covering 91 sub-areas of eight charity categories. The Empowerment Community aims at optimizing the structure of human resources in philanthropy and assisting the development of philanthropic groups. It will become a professional training platform for philanthropic talent. Adopting professional perspectives and methodologies, the Empowerment Community provides tailored training programs for trainees from different fields to further enhance their ability. By the end of November 2017, more than 2000 people from over 300 organizations have received wide-ranging training programs.

After years of innovation and development, Ai You has realized a complete involvement in the charity industry through breakthroughs in individual areas and formed its unique “Ai You Model”. And it has been fully utilizing mobile Internet ideas for highly efficient resources integration and new charity models.

Ai You Foundation received twice the China Charity Award, the top award for Chinese charity organizations from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Ai You was entitled Outstanding Social Groups in 2015 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. We also ranked first on the list of Chinese Charity Foundations. In 2015, Ai You won Charity Organization Award in Responsible Chinese and full score in China Foundation Transparency Index several times. Besides, Ai You hosts the annual Philanthropy+ multidisciplinary forum which leading experts at home and abroad attend. Ai You is becoming a platform for connections between philanthropy and other areas.

Ai You is run like an enterprise. We pursue professional, standardized, specialized and international way of conducting charity to boost the transparency and measurability of results in charity. Upholding entrepreneurship, Ai You has been exploring approaches to solve social problems and promote the development of philanthropy in China to help more people. We developed our own methodology of conducting charity which can be used in other charity areas.